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Software development as Your investment

We specialize in the development and improvement of software using the latest technologies, so that they support business processes in your company in the most efficient way. Our starting point is to obtain understanding of your vision. This will allow us to deliver software that will be tailored to your business and will meet your expectations.

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  • Our experienced professionals will select the appropriate technology and approach to the designed solution taking into account all your needs. The experience we have gained also allows us to be aware of our limitations. We will inform you if there is something that we would be unable to do or if there are other market solutions that better address your problem. 

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    At Onex Group we know that software development is an investment for you that may involve high risk and costs. We understand that you want this investment to pay off and bring you the greatest possible return. We also understand that the funds that you allocate to the development of IT systems are to be used in the optimal way so that they bring you the expected results. Your investment is important and therefore we feel responsible for your success

  • We believe that time is one of the most important values, so we will create a POC – Proof Of Concept – as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, you will be able to make sure that your idea is feasible with the adopted initial assumptions regarding technology and requirements. Then, we will focus our efforts on creating MVP – Minimum Viable Product – so that you can start using new functionalities as soon as possible and receive feedback directly from the market and users. 

  • We realize that you want your investment to start generating a return as soon as possible and bring profits for you and your organization. That is why our iterative delivery process is arranged in such a way as to shorten the TTM (time to market) as much as possible. Additionally, we focus on completing the project within specific time frames. First, we focus on providing the most important functionalities from the business point of view, which will make the product the most valuable. Direct cooperation with the business owner and the investor makes it possible to prioritize individual functionalities as well as monitor and refine them on an ongoing basis throughout the project. We work like this it to make sure that we deliver what you need most at any moment.

  • We will optimize the investment process in such a way that it will meet your expectations not only here and now, but we will also take into account the maintenance costs after the main programming works are completed. We know how to maintain and develop systems so that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is as low as possible – both direct maintenance and the possibility of further development. 

  • We strive to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Therefore, you will receive information on the progress of individual works at every stage of the project implementation on an ongoing basis. Using our reporting framework, you have the option to monitor key project parameters (such as cost, scope, time, risks). We will also provide you with information on the functioning of the software that was implemented at earlier stages. 


Case Study

Tests automation for more efficient and peaceful work

The onex.developers team was responsible for ensuring the appropriate quality of the solution related to the implementation of the B2B system.
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Case Study

Visualizing processes for better work

The onex.developers team built a module thanks to which the staff handling the applications could make changes / updates on the branches in the work of couriers.

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Case Study

Digitalization and automation for money and time saving

onex.developers has created a module that allows you to monitor the status of the shipment on the route on an ongoing basis.

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onex.developers is made up of people for whom commitment and passion are paramount values. We believe that nothing is impossible, and achieving common goals is attainable thanks to cooperation, trust and understanding. The benefits of working with us are:


  • Satisfactory and competitive salary.
  • Flexible working hours that will ensure maximum efficiency and allow you to keep a balance between your private life and work.
  • Access to modern equipment, technology and a well-equipped office with entertainment zones and a corporate library.
  • Attractive benefits, thanks to which you will be able to take care of your health and self-development.
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